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Combo Classes

Leotard, skirt and tights. Dancers may also wear any dance outfit of their choice as long as they are able to move freely without distractions.


Ballet Classes

Solid color black leotard, pink tights and ballet sewn shoes. Ballet skirt is optional No Bootie shorts. If you dancer needs to wear a sports bra it must not be seen under the leotard. Regulation ballet shoes are required for all ballet classes and combination classes. No ponytails or bubbles allowed. Hair must be worn in a bun with bobby pins.


Jazz Classes

Form fitted dance wear. Tank tops, leotards, leggings, shorts etc. NO JEAN SHORTS. Jazz shoes must be worn. Hair must be pulled up or back. Hip Hop Classes – Comfortable dance clothing. T-shirts, tank tops, sweat pants, shorts etc. Hip Hop sneakers, or clean bottom gym shoes. 


Technique and Stretch Classes

Any form fitting dance wear. Tank tops, leotards, dance pants, shorts etc.


Musical Theater/Pom Classes

Any dance attire that allows movement. No jeans.


Lyrical/Contemporary Classes

Form fitted dance wear. Tank tops, form fitting tops, leotards, dance pants, shorts etc. Foot thongs or barefoot.



Hair must be worn pulled back away from the face. No Jewelry!!!!


  • Dance shoes, leotards, and dance wear are sold at the front of the studio.

  • It is important for students to abide by a Dress Code policy at all times.

  • At CanDance Studios we want to teach our students to respect the art of dance.

  • Dress codes in dance look more professional and are part of the long history of dance.

  • Dress codes cut down on distractions in class and helps promote unity.

  • Dance is a discipline and begins with the way a student dresses for class.

  • By dressing the part a student looks like, behaves like and becomes a dancer.

  • A neat and tidy appearance sets an attitude of attentiveness and respect for students, teachers and the art of dance.

  • Teachers must be able to see a dancer’s alignment, lines and positioning from head to toe in order to make the proper corrections when needed.

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